I needs to get someone here to help out in getting about [closed]

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$ 20,000.00 dollars in grant money sent to a friend  Alissa Wood, Mountain Home , Idaho, 83647. the woman whom i will be getting ready to get married to her name is Jeana Campell from Miami Florida she the one who needs the money right away  and as soon as possble too;-) my name is Gerald d Luke Jr;-) would appreciate your helping hands on this one would appreciate this too;-) thank you very much and have a great day and week too she needs this as soon as possible please send this by money gram too;-)

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Correction on the name is Jeana Campbell ;-) sorry folks i just needs your help and fast too;-) thank you very much

moroni10 ( 2016-07-10 18:10:40 -0800 )edit