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Jolene we so admire your determination to go to school and get a better job for yourself and your family!

Sounds like you have tried a number of avenues but we're going to give you a few more. There is a lot of help out there and you sound like you have the determination to find it. In some cases it may be what sounds like "welfare" to you but it is there for exactly your type of situation --- to help those who want to help themselves.

Here are a few resources that sound promising:

1) This is a state of Utah site that provides information and assistance for those looking for work, training, and education. You can apply online so you'll know quickly if you may be eligible. The site also provides links to other resources.

2) It sounds like the Pell Grant should be something you would qualify for. You don't have to compete for it and you can find out quickly if you might qualify for a Pell Grant. Finally, you might find some help in this article aobut Grants for Single Moms -- no, most of the assistance does NOT come in the form of grants but that's what a lot of people call any kind of aid.

Don't give up, there is private and government help out there for you. Hang on to that strong attitude!