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So sorry about your situation. 

There are a number of places that help people like you get a car, and they may also provide help for repairs. Take a look at Money for a Car to see if there is a good resource near you. I know you're in a very rural area but perhaps there is a resource not too far away that could potentially help you.

You mentioned health problems ... there is a good website for the disabled and those who care for them. It's updated daily and is pretty good at guiding you to resources, including those in your own zip code (that may not be the case for you but maybe a zip code not too far away...?). Take a look at this guide to using

Are there any churches in your area? They can be a good source of help, even if you're not (yet) a member. And they may be able to suggest other ways that you can get help.

Check out the article low income help to see if there are other benefits or programs that you haven't thought of that could help you. Also there is a questionnaire on that you can fill out and it will tell you what aid programs you and your family might qualify for.