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 I'm not sure if you're asking what the process would be to get the land approved or prepared to build or if you're looking for resources to weekdays facilitate financing building plans etc. 

 I would contact her town clerks office, your local zoning commission, your state department of  environmental protection ...  Contact a local builder  and have him walk you through getting the lamp hurt and who to hire to layout septic or sewer lines, electricity and decide do you want to buy a kit home or build it from the ground up 

 If you're looking for assistance with financing or labor and putting up the cabin  In general I would say contact these following agencies:  State vocational rehab agency, your County housing trust, county or regional aging & disability assistance agency, rural or urban housing assistance agenc,  County housing & development, public and private  Low or moderate housing assistance agency,  local churches and diocese, and a great resource is to contact the united way, in USA no area code required  just dial 211 .